Angler’s Report

May 9, 2016 – Fishing Report

The trout on Pepacton are still scattered with several catches being reported from shore as well as from boat. The majority of the fish are now between 10-30ft deep but sometimes deeper. Trollers have been reporting some great catch rates although mostly smaller fish under five pounds. the three trout that won the April derby […]

Sept. 9 Fishing Report

The winners of the August Pepacton Trout Derby were 11lb 9oz, 9lb 2oz, AND 8LB 14oz. Overall it was a pretty good month. the fish are now around the 40-50 ft range and some of the males are really beginning to show their spawning colors. Lately, trollers have been doing well with a 9lb 5, […]

Aug. 3, 2015, Fishing Report

The three winners in the July derby were 10lb 2oz , 9lb 14 oz. and 9lb 11oz. All three were long enough to top ten l pounds, but with the recent heavy rains the fish have not fed as well as they might have. Overall though the catch rate is about average or above with […]

Fishing Report – July 13, 2015

The June Pepacton Trout Derby winners were all nine pounders with 9lb 13oz. in first, 9lb 8oz. second and 9lb 3oz., third. The largest trout weighed in for the month was 11lb. 13oz. , not in the derby though. After the rains came in June the fish had been scattered more and instead of all […]

June 10, 2015

The trout in Pepacton are really turning on and several nice browns have been reported in the past week. Most of the action is around 0-30 ft and it has been good all day long. There was a great afternoon sulphur hatch on the East Branch June 8th and the recent rains have bee a […]

Fishing Report – May 31, 2015

The trout in Pepacton Reservoir are still running a bit heavier than normal and although the bite has been slow at times the fish are too heavy to not be feeding. Most are between the surface and thirty feet. Trollers have been reporting some good catches as well but as with the bait fishing it […]

First 2015 Fishing Report – May 13, 2015

The trout in Pepacton have overall been very heavy so far this season. There was a fairly large die off of bait over the long winter and the fish have been feeding heavily on them. This has also made it somewhat difficult to get a bite at times with so much available food. The Pepacton […]